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Translation and proofreading for advertising – the translation agency for corporate clients

Get a perfect translator, proofreader, copy-editor or internet language expert and find out all you need to know about about high-class, fast translations, spell checking and SEO translation.

Advertise across the globe in all languages – with perfect translation

Looking for the perfect translation? We translate, proofread, and improve texts from the marketing, advertising, communications and PR industries – providing quick, client-oriented services at competitive prices.

Excellent advertising translation that strikes the right note

After all, it's not what you say, but how you say it! Our native speakers and experts in text translation and intercultural communication will find the right words for all your international target markets and target groups.

Your brand, your image, your style – composed in words with maximum effect by professional translators and copy-editors

Make sure your advertising material has the right ring to it by assigning a perfect translator, copywriter or proofreader. Experts in marketing language design and multilingual copywriting optimize the voice and sound of your company. Our language designers, copywriters and editors will create attractive brand and product names for your global success.

Translation agency profile

We work worldwide for numerous well-known industrial companies, business groups, fashion companies, financial service providers, design agencies, communications agencies, advertising agencies and also arrange for interpreters. As well as classic language translation, we provide web translation, online proofreading and search engine optimized SEO translation. Services include text translation and advertising translation as well as custom technical translations, for example, translation in lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics or interior design, technological translation, website translation and other types of online translation. The large range of services also includes copy-editing, proofreading and typesetting for all languages. All of our translators are native speakers and the translation quality is checked by editors. Every day we receive confidential information such as company reports, contracts or advertising campaigns to translate or proofread. On request of the customer we protect the privacy of all entrusted information. Our translation agency strictly does not name its clients as references, preferring independent word of mouth instead.

ad editum – we perfect language.