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Business translation and business proofreading

Financial translations and proofreading from the professionals

As specialists in business translation and financial translation, we proofread and translate annual reports, sustainability reports, fund prospectuses, package leaflets for financial products, Key Investor Documents (KID) and all other business and financial texts. We also translate and proofread corporate brochures, customer magazines, employee magazines, consumer magazines, corporate books, e-newsletters, iPad apps, Facebook apps, press releases and other financial communication media. In corporate communications, corporate media and corporate publishing, careful adherence to all CD and CI company requirements is of essential importance. Therefore, at ad editum, our translators and proofreaders observe the corporate wording preferences set out in your company's brand book, style guide, CD specifications or CI guidelines. We offer impeccable proofreading of your financial brochures.

Financial translators and proofreaders with established expertise

We employ specialist business and finance translators who have substantial practical experience in areas such as accounting, reporting, investor relations, management control systems and financial journalism. All our business translators and proofreaders combine proficiency with a mastery of correct financial terminology. The financial translators at ad editum are constantly developing their skills further and keeping up to date with the latest developments in corporate compliance, corporate governance, international accounting regulations and management concepts.

Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) free from spelling mistakes – in all leading world languages

CSR reporting requirements are becoming more and more extensive. Regulations such as the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) are constantly being developed. More and more aspects of society and the environment are becoming the subject of corporate reporting. We help you to ensure that your CSR report is free of spelling mistakes in any language you require.