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Business translation and business proofreading

Financial translations and proofreading from the professionals

As a branded company for business translations and financial translations, we proofread and translate annual reports, sustainability reports, fund prospectuses, package leaflets for financial products, Key Investor Documents (KID) and all other economic and financial texts. In all major languages, we perfect corporate brochures, customer magazines, employee magazines, consumer magazines, corporate books, e-Newsletters, iPad apps, Facebook apps, press releases and other financial communication media. In corporate communications, corporate media and corporate publishing it is essential that all CD and CI company requirements are taken into account. Therefore at ad editum, we adhere to corporate wording in the respective corporate language of the company for the translation and optional, precise proofreading of brand books, style guides, CD specifications and CI guidelines. Order the most meticulous and toughest financial proofreading, so that your financial prospectuses undergo a stress test that has it all. 


Financial translators and proofreaders with established expertise

Our finance translators are qualified, specialist translators in economy and finance, who have substantial practical experience in areas such as accounting, reporting, investor relations, controlling and financial journalism. All business translators and proofreaders combine their passion for financial language with the use of correct financial terminology. The economic translators at ad editum constantly develop their skills further and keep up to date with the latest developments in corporate compliance, corporate governance, international accounting regulations and new management concepts.