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Fair prices for translation, copy-editing, proofreading and language design

ad editum prioritizes transparent pricing and an excellent value for money. We usually charge per word for translation, copy-editing and proofreading. You can easily find out the word count yourself using the 'Word Count' function in your word processing program. If you require, we can also calculate a translation price per line, per standard page (with 1,800 characters including spaces or 250 words per standard page), per number of characters or per hour. If you require large translations on a regular basis we will happily negotiate an attractive general agreement with you. We accept small orders from a flat rate of EUR 55.00.


Our prices on an hourly basis:

  • Copy-editing or German proofreading by two pairs of eyes: from EUR 55.00 on average per hour
  • Copy-editing or proofreading of text in foreign languages: from EUR 70.00 on average per hour
  • Translation/transcreation: from EUR 85.00 per hour
  • Proofreading of translations/translation check by a second person: from EUR 78.00 on average per hour (depending on the target language)
  • Adaptive Translation of claims, headlines or slogans; wording check; linguistic search engine optimization:
    from EUR 125.00 per hour

We are naturally fast workers, so there is no need for us to charge extra for a fast translation. The translation costs and prices for copy-editing or proofreading may vary depending on the language combination. For translations, we strongly recommend the top-quality option available in our range of services. This premium service includes thorough double-check proofreading by two pairs of eyes.
The adaptive translation of claims, slogans and headlines is charged by the hour. For connotation checks of company names, brand names, product names or wordmarks, we will arrange a flat fee.
Simply send your texts to us at info@ad-editum.de or let us know the volume of your text. You will then promptly receive a binding offer for the desired service(s).

Price list

Download our price list as a PDF here:

price list for translations, copy-editing/proofreading, language design services and more
Price list_ad editum_2024.pdf
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