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Translator Jobs

Note to applicants

The professional work on texts in our translation and proofreading agency demands extremely high concentration, attention, outstanding performance and a very strongly pronounced self-drive. Before you take part in a traineeship or an internship with us, you must already have excellent orthographic knowledge and linguistic expressiveness. We owe this to our customers, who rightfully expect high performance from us. If you can clearly affirm the above conditions for yourself, our agency is the right professional environment for you. High-performing employees enjoy a high level of recognition in our agency.

Are you a native US English proofreader and copy-editor?

We are looking for American English proofreaders and copy-editors to join our team of freelancers. Applicants must have experience in marketing and advertising and preferably be based within the CET time zone. All proofreading and editing is done in Adobe PDFs and Word Documents with the Track Changes Mode, so competence in these programs is essential. Please include a word price suggestion with your email application, as we only charge and pay based on price per source word. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Are you a translator, copy-editor or proofreader? Talented, creative and interculturally skilled? Looking for a translator position or want to become a copy-editor?

We are always interested in working with qualified freelance professionals. If you are a freelance translator, copy-editor or copywriter, or if you are interested in a job as an intern you are invited to send us an application. Our translators always translate into their mother tongue, but we also place great importance on an excellent command of the translator's source language.
Translation job: If you apply as freelance translator, please let us know what you specialize in, which brands and companies have you already provided translations for, and also whether you can edit or proofread. Please also tell us if you use CAT tools or translation memory systems such as Across, memoQ, Trados, Transit, Wordfast etc. Finally, please suggest a price per word (according to source language) rate for translation and proofreading, as well as a price scale based on TMS matches.


Most wanted freelance translators:
Translator English-German
Translator German-English
Translator English-Dutch
Translator English-French
Translator English-Spanish
Translator English-Italian
Translator English-Swedish
Copywriter / Proofreader for English

Content emphasis

marketing translator
advertising translator
fashion translator
medical translator
legal translator
engineering translator
economy translator

How to apply

Send your cover letter, CV and relevant credentials as PDFs to apply[at]ad-language.de


General purchasing conditions for the services of freelance translators and proofreaders
By accepting their assignments, freelance contractors are deemed to have agreed that the general purchasing conditions of ad editum apply exclusively for the assignment. These conditions can be viewed and downloaded via the following link:

General purchasing conditions for freelance contractors

General purchasing conditions for freelance contractors
General Purchasing Conditions_version 18
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Translation internship / copy-editing internship

Translation and copy-editing internship in Berlin starting from: 01/07/2017 or earlier/later (date of publication 05/11/2016)
Prospective interns for a translation / proofreading internship (for example Erasmus internship) can send an application including a CV and a detailed letter of application by email (apply[at]ad-language.de) for a 3 month translation, copy-editing and copywriting internship. We are specifically looking for an English native speakers with a good knowledge of German who haven't yet finished their studies and need to complete an internship as part of their course.
Native speaker of English; training in relevant areas, such as:
German-English translation
English copy-editing
English proofreading
Writing English editorial copy
Translation management for translation projects
Customer communication
Preparation of quotations
Selection and commissioning of freelance translators
Ongoing (not completed) study in linguistics, translation studies, English or German philology, an affinity to languages, a quick grasp of new concepts, good observation of details, precise working methods, excellent customer orientation, good IT skills including MS Office programmes and PDF editing.
Internship start date:
Negotiable, as agreed upon
Working hours:
Full-time (40 hours a week) or part-time (as agreed upon)
As agreed upon