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From German translation to Chinese translation—we've got it covered

Our eloquent German-English translators and English-German translators are only a small fraction of our full linguistic spectrum in the fields of translation and proofreading.  We only use highly-qualified, native speakers. They translate from English, German, French, Spanish and several other source languages. The world of languages into which we translate amounts to more than 70 target languages, including all European languages, all major Asian languages, and various African languages. In order to deliver a perfect business translation, the in-house editors don't just meticulously check the work of the German and English translators, but also provide thorough foreign editing for other languages.


Global translation into all important target languages

Afrikaans Dutch Hausa Malay Slovak
Albanian English Hebrew Maltese Slovene
Arabic Estonian Hindi Marathi Spanish
Armenian Farsi Hungarian Mongolian Swahili
Azerbaijani Finnish Icelandic Montenegrin Swedish
Bengali Flemish Indonesian Nepali Tamil
Bosnian French Italian Norwegian Telugu
Bulgarian Gaelic Japanese Polish Thai
Catalan Galician Kazakh Portuguese Turkish
Chinese Georgian Korean Punjabi Ukrainian
Croatian German Latvian Romanian Urdu
Czech Greek Lithuanian Russian Uzbek
Danish Gujarati Macedonian Serbian Vietnamese