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Online copy-editing and technical proofreading

Looking for a copy-editor? Whether in English or German proofreading, we check texts meticulously to ensure that the spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct. Our editors use the approved reference material in their language. However it's not just spelling mistakes that our editors are on the lookout for. At ad editum we also ensure the correct and consistent use of technical terms, technical language, and terminology. All of our copy-editing is done electronically, using either PDF correction tools or in Microsoft Word 'Track Changes' mode.

Double proofreading to ensure top-quality texts

We conduct in-depth proofreading to ensure your texts and translations are ready for publishing by checking everything twice.

We copy-edit, proofread and translate electronically—for better environmental protection and more sustainability

We are one of the very few copy-editing offices and translation agencies working up to one hundred percent without paper, in order to preserve our natural environment and forests. So could you call us a 'green' editing office or a 'green' translation agency? In a way, yes. As a company with an interest in sustainability and the efficient use of resources, we take our social responsibility seriously. From early on, we have concentrated on e-translation and e-proofreading, that is, electronic translation and electronic proofreading. This means that our editors and translators normally work on texts on the screen instead of printing them, unless the printed form is expressly requested. Corrections to texts are noted electronically in the file, either in the form of comments or by using track changes mode. Apart from obviously saving resources, this also makes it easier for clients to further process documents. Notes and corrections can be clearly kept track of by clients. As opposed to handwritten corrections, clients need not worry about deciphering difficult handwriting and do not have to know the standard proofreader's marks. And the best thing? We do not require a surcharge for electronic processing.