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SEO translation

We specialize in improving the linguistic quality of website texts with regard to SEO and SEM. This way we can add to your search engine optimization campaign from a linguistic point of view. As a translation agency that covers all important languages, we can provide multi-lingual services for the various language versions of your website. If you want to be found easier online, then our keyword optimisation is what you’re looking for. ad editum is a pioneer in the field of SEO translation and marketing linguistics. Our experts for internet language and online marketing can establish the best search terms for your website, and in multiple languages. This makes us a bit like copywriters, but it's not just the effective advertising language that we have in mind — we also concentrate on the real search behaviours of Internet users. We can help you optimise an existing online presence or a new website,  and our specialists in search marketing and linguistic web marketing will gladly advise you.


SEM means effective search engine marketing

When writing for the web it is very important to use – aside from attractive and client-friendly phrases – language that is both effective for marketing and search engines. Our Internet linguists and language designers therefore focus very intensively on the linguistic aspects of SEO and SEM. SEM stands for search engine marketing, and refers to an online marketing strategy which aims to make online advertising more effective in regards to search engine results. This can especially be influenced using language tools. At the start of our work we perform a thorough keyword check. With the support of suitable keyword tools and the expertise of our Internet linguists, we give you constructive suggestions on how you can make the selection of your keywords, and therefore your keyword marketing, more linguistically effective. We will help you to formulate your texts in an Internet-friendly way, while maximizing effectiveness for the search engines.