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Positive results in the 2023 financial year

29.12.2023 – The order volume of the translation and editing agency ad editum increased by 18% in 2023 compared to the previous year. This shows that quality and professionalism are still in high demand despite the recessionary economic environment in Germany.


There was again high demand for the copyediting of annual reports and solvency and financial condition reports (SFCR). More and more companies are also having ESG reports and sustainability reports proofread. The agency also recorded significant growth in language services in the areas of the environment and energy.


In terms of translation and proofreading services, the focus was particularly on e-mobility and public transport marketing as well as trends in the construction of sustainable residential properties. As in previous years, numerous orders were received for the translation and editing of property exposés.


Continued positive development in the 2018 fiscal year

25.01.2019 – Throughout 2018, ad editum again enjoyed a positive growth rate, with a significant increase in order volume of approx. 7% and a large number of new customers.


The translation and copyediting of financial and business reports and property brochures again accounted for a significant share of the order volume. There was an even greater demand for the copyediting of scientific studies in the fiscal year than ever before.


We have always relied exclusively on the positive recommendations of our satisfied customers and do not advertise ourselves at all. We want our performance to speak for itself.


We want to sincerely thank our customers for placing their trust in us, which has allowed us to successfully continue our growth.

Development in the financial year 2017

22.12.2017 –  ad editum once again concludes the financial year with a significant increase in annual turnover. The costs for employees, third-party services, facilities, energy, etc. have also increased in approximately equal measure, so that the cost/income ratio, in comparison with 2016, has remained roughly the same.


Our turnover in 2017 was once again equally distributed between translation and proofreading.


ad editum still maintains the character of a highly individualized language service provider which specialises in 'handmade' custom translations. Translating software is used only to the extent necessary for the consistency of terminology.

Business development: Growth expectations for 2015 exceeded and off to a flying start in 2016

29.04.2016 – In 2015, we expected an increase in turnover from 25% to 30% for the year, yet turnover actually increased by 33% in comparison to the previous year. 2016 likewise began with a high turnaround: turnover in the first four months was at 47% more than the first four months of 2015. Every year there is a larger number of extensive business reports to translate and proofread, which is why January to April is traditionally the strongest turnover and economic growth period for ad editum. For the whole of 2016 we predict a turnover growth of 25% to 35%, roughly corresponding to our average annual growth in turnover since the company’s founding.


During both this year and last, translation and proofreading in the fields of finance, property, construction and energy management were particular contributors to growth. Parallel to this and due to an increasing number of employees, bigger space requirements and numerous expansion investments, as well as the general increase in prices, costs have significantly increased—as was to be expected. Just like we did in recent years, we invested the additional yield in the company in order to continuously improve the service for our customers.


This time, our investments (in addition to replacement investments in the areas of more energy-efficient office technology) focused on creating more space for uninterrupted, quiet work in order to carefully attend to every detail of our clients’ texts with as little distraction as possible. This is why we moved to a bigger premises in the Berlin district of Schöneberg.

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