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Continued positive development in the 2018 fiscal year

25.01.2019 – Throughout 2018, ad editum have again had a positive growth rate, with a significant increase in order volume of approx. 7% and a large number of new customers.


The translation and copyediting of financial and business reports, advertising texts and property broschures again accounted for a significant share of the order volume. There was an even greater demand for the copyediting of scientific studies in the fiscal year than ever before.


We want to sincerely thank our customers for placing their trust in us, which has allowed us to successfully continue our growth.

Development in the Financial Year 2017

22.12.2017 –  ad editum concludes the financial year 2017 with a significant increase in annual turnover once again. The costs for employees, third-party services, facilities, energy etc. have also increased in approximately equal measure, so that the cost/income ratio, in comparison with 2016, has remained roughly the same.


Turnover in 2017 is once again equally distributed between translation and proofreading. In the translation division, marketing translations, which have always constituted as a core competence of the translation agency, dominated once again, whereas in the proofreading division the specialised disciplines of financial and promotional proofreading were almost equal in terms of order volume.


In the size category of translation agencies with a gross annual turnover of more than €250,000 ad editum still maintains the character of a highly individualised language service provider, which specialises in “handmade”, customised translations for advertising and business. Translating software is only used to the extent necessary for the consistency of terminology. The translation agency in Berlin places great importance on this, so that the mother tongue adaptations sound original and fluent – made by people and not by machines.

Business development: Growth expectations for 2015 exceeded and off to a flying start in 2016

29.04.2016 – In 2015, we expected an increase in turnover from 25% to 30% for the year, yet turnover actually increased by 33% in comparison to the previous year. 2016 likewise began with a high turnaround: turnover in the first four months was at 47% more than the first four months of 2015. Every year there is a larger number of extensive business reports to translate and proofread, which is why January to April is traditionally the strongest turnover and economic growth period for ad editum. For the whole of 2016 we predict a turnover growth of 25% to 35%, roughly corresponding to our average annual growth in turnover since the company’s founding. This expansive development is not due to extensive advertising—our marketing is essentially limited to the fact that we do everything in our power to do a good job for our clients.


During both this year and the year before translation, proofreading and text optimization services for the finance, property and marketing, trade marketing, property and construction industry, energy management, technology marketing and trade marketing sectors were particular contributors to growth. Parallel to this and due to an increasing number of employees, bigger space requirements and numerous expansion investments, as well as the general increase in prices, costs have significantly increased—as was to be expected. Just like we did in recent years, we invested the additional yield in the company in order to continuously improve the service for our customers.


This time, our investments (in addition to replacement investments in the areas of more energy-efficient office technology) focused on creating more place for uninterrupted, quiet work in order to carefully attend to every detail of our clients’ texts with as little distraction as possible. This is why we moved to bigger premises within the Berlin district of Schöneberg. Beautiful double doors lead into a suite of spacious, 4-metre high rooms, with gorgeous stucco ceilings in places and oak parquet floors in a classic basket-weave pattern, creating a pleasant ambience that’s perfect for concentrated work.


Advertising-proofreading staff doubled

21.08.2015 – Due to the continuous increase in job orders we doubled our staff again for advertising proofreading in the middle of the year. Currently, our work volume is more than double the size than that of 2012. So it is clear that if we have doubled in size within three years that we must also expand our capacities accordingly. Speaking of staff, our German proofreading is always done by colleagues with university degrees in German studies.

Yesterday, a client—one of many advertising agencies in Hamburg for whom we translate and proofread—said that our editing prices are unbelievably low and he wondered how we could offer such prices. We do not see it as bluntly. First and foremost, we are dedicated to an attractive price-performance ratio and that is different to exaggerated, cheap proofreading prices. We are not an expensive provider or a discount service. We can work with low margins and offer fair prices because we have such a lean organisation and do not carry out any unnecessary bureaucracy. We are extremely good and fast at what we do so we are highly productive, and therefore achieve more than many others in the same time.


Development of the geographical distribution of our client base and visitors to our website

20.08.2015 – Our latest analysis of the geographical distribution of our clients and visitors to our website within Germany granted us some interesting insights. Most of our website visitors come from Berlin, followed by Hamburg in second place and Munich in third. The order continues with Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe and Braunschweig. Although our website is most often accessed from Berlin, many of our clients for translation, proofreading and other language services come from other towns and regions, especially Hamburg, Munich, the biggest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The leading countries of origin of our clients abroad are Great Britain, the Netherlands and Austria.

The fact that our translation office is based in Berlin only plays a minor role in the geographical distribution of sales, even if we are an established name in the local market. That is due to the fact that Berlin, as a location for advertising agencies, has not quite fully connected to the other classic marketing metropolises in western Germany and that, in terms of a business location, Berlin has developed weaker than comparable cities in western Germany. As web translators, contact with our clients takes place most of all by email and telephone and as a result, the location of our translation agency is of little importance to the majority of our clients. Our business is more markedly characterized as national and international rather than local. Nevertheless, we benefit from a range of positive location factors such as the huge pool of creative talents, comparatively and consistently cheap production factors in Berlin and the extraordinary creative image that Berlin enjoys on both the national and international stage. Thus, for our clients, we represent above all marketing and lifestyle know-how, as well as creativity, in our translations. And rightly so—our native translators for dozens of languages and language combinations are trend-conscious experts in multilingual advertising language.

Adaptions versus computer-assisted translation

19.08.2015 – Hand-crafted adaptions are more useful in in marketing translation, rather than translation help from translation software, known as CAT tools. This is the result of our recent analysis of a sample from our large number of advertising translations, of which half were carried out with the help of translation software and the other without using tools. We have been sticklers for hand-crafted adaption instead of machine translation since the year dot, so these results were not surprising to us. We only use translation programmes or translation memory systems, such as memoQ, in selected cases. In the field of marketing translation, our clients exclusively receive hand-crafted ‘human’ translations from native translators.

When is the use of translation tools really useful and when isn’t it? The support of translation software is always beneficial if a text has a high repetition rate of words, terms or expressions. That is particularly common in heavily schematic texts such as catalogues or online shops with article descriptions that depend on uniformity of terms. For example, the translation tool would recognise that the term “Article No.” appears 500 times in a text and would efficiently insert the appropriate, consistent translation in all the relevant places. This reduces the amount of work and, if the text is one hundred percent repetition, reduces the price for the client. In contrast, good advertising texts are characterised by original, lively and emphatic language. While advertising also works with repetition in the form of rhetorical style, repetitions are not commonly used in marketing advertisements, so as not to appear monotonous. That is one of the reasons why CAT tools are not a great help to translators of advertising texts. A marketing translation would be quickly seen negatively if it was based on a machine translation. The software would always suggest the same translation for the same word in the target language. This might work for an online catalogue, but for a fluent marketing text a linguistic variety is more suitable and promotionally effective.


Increased turnover again in 2015, through service that speaks for itself

18.08.2015 – Uncomplicated, fast handling, fair translation prices and the individual approach of our translators to customer requirements; these are the main things that satisfied, regular customers most often cite when they praise us. This is also reflected in the rich revenue growth of 2015. By the end of July we had already reached the 2013 total turnover, and it appears even now that in September this year we will exceed the 2014 annual turnover. In the current financial year, our translation agency is expected to grow by approximately 25–30%. To draw a clear comparison, that is more than three to four times the expansion rate at which the economy in China is currently growing. Since the majority of the gains are being reinvested in the company, we recently adapted our website to a responsive design in order to optimise our internet presence for mobile and tablet users. Additionally, in August, we further reinforced our English translation team.

Translation and proofreading are very labour-intensive services, especially when we operate such a high level of quality control. With us as a translation and proofreading agency our clients have the advantage that our project managers carefully check the translations for quality according to the four-eye-principle, unlike with an individual translator. What’s more, if a client has a question about a translation they can quickly reach a competent, personal contact by telephone or email. Since this is convenient for our clients, we continue to prefer people instead of anonymous online-shop systems.

Marketing translation and marketing proofreading are again in 2015 the strongest pillars of our agency. Here’s the irony: although our translators and copy-editors daily translate and proofread marketing advertisements, we do not use any paid advertisement for our language services. Instead we leave it entirely to word of mouth. As this works so well we must be doing things right. We would like to thank our clients for the complimentary recognition we receive from them.


Driving growth: financial proofreading and translation

15.04.2015 – The first quarter of 2015 was characterised by an increase in the number of staff, after the agency’s turnover in 2014 grew by a double-digit rate once again. The financial proofreading and translation service areas have provided substantial momentum for our growth in this respect. Our new clients included more banks and insurance and property companies, all firms within the core competency industries of ad editum. The intensity of proofreading texts for this client group is particularly high. Proofreading business reports filled with facts or premium real estate brochures is a tricky task that requires a lot of effort. At the same time, the team have had to grow just as the number of projects have. That’s why two new trainees have recently joined the team in Berlin at the specialist provider for translations, proofreading and the linguistic fine-tuning of financial texts.


53% sales increase in the first half of 2014, thanks to the fashion translation recipe for success

29.07.2014 – In the first half of 2014, sales at ad editum, the translation, proofreading and language design agency, grew 53% compared to the first half of 2013 and so gained more market share. An important reason for this ongoing extraordinary growth can be traced back to our special method of translation and our absolute dedication to the customer, which is particularly evident in fashion translation. When clients send promotional texts about the newest styles to be translated, it shows how much they appreciate that we work like a bespoke studio. Just like trying on tailored clothes, our clients can decide what and how much customization they need. That makes our adaptions a highly-customized premium service – one that is also requested by clients that work in the high end of the market. Our translation and proofreading services are finding more and more reception, for example at companies in the real estate industry that focus on the development and commercialization of premium properties in Germany. Each real estate translation for these customers is completely customized and individually hand-finished at ad editum, the bespoke studio for translation.


Website language checks can assess the linguistic quality of your internet presence.

26.06.2014 – Is your website at its linguistic best? The language check from ad editum provides an in-depth answer to this question. Here at the specialist agency for web translation and web copy-editing, we can check the quality of your internet presence according to comprehensive criteria. The website language check comes with other expert advice on areas such as the following:

Is the internet text linguistically correct, or does it contain grammatical and/or spelling mistakes?

Is the website text fluent and clearly written or is there a need for stylistic change?

Is the text volume suitable, too small or too big?

Are the texts appropriately ordered and structured?

Is the site navigation user-friendly or is there room for improvement?

How promotionally effective is the text?

Can the use of keywords be improved?

We all know that our own business partners, colleagues and friends are often too polite and non-committal to provide the criticism that is needed, and once texts are published online, they are rarely re-read well enough. What’s more, website updates are not always carefully proofread by the author.

Don’t let clients or anyone else find mistakes on your website! Don’t risk frightening users away with content that isn’t reader-friendly, too bulky, or not effective enough!

With the agency for internet translation and internet copy-editing, your website can be proofread in German, English or another language, by an impartial party who will give you their critical and honest opinion. The website language check is available for affordable flat rates, and soon pays off. Our customer service will advise you about the website language check and make you a fast, fixed-price offer.


ad editum translation and copy-editing agency are still in the fast lane

11 March 2014 – In 2013, sales at the ad editum translation agency grew again by 50%. Their business volume has developed much faster than the industry average – without spending a penny on advertising. The translators and copy-editors at the agency are entirely focused on a perfect performance, a quality clearly appreciated by the clients.
We believe that, despite new industry technologies, translation and copy-editing remains very much a hands-on job so the number of coworkers has been increased to accommodate the sales boost. German proofreading has also seen an above-average growth, largely thanks to our copy-editors' unrivalled competency and experience in proofreading annual reports.
English to German translation has also seen an increase, particularly in IT. The agency works with a range of American and British companies operating in ad-server technology, Big Data and online marketing. Like last year, translations into English are also on the up in finance and especially in the business areas of beauty, lifestyle and fashion.


ad editum unstoppable on its course for growth

5 March 2013 – The renowned Berlin-based German translation agency and editing office ad editum can look back on 2012 as a successful year. Turnover rose by 47% compared to the previous year, but this great success
was mainly due to word-of-mouth recommendations by satisfied customers. Once again it becomes apparent: Premium translations speak for themselves and are in no need of additional endorsement via paid advertising. In this way, ad editum is able to keep prices for translations low for the customer. The translation agency, which specializes in advertising translation and business translation, gained an especially great amount of ground this year in the business areas of lifestyle translation, film translation and fashion translation, which contributed greatly to turnover growth. ad editum would like to express its gratitude to all our loyal regular customers and to our many new customers for the confidence they have shown in our products and services.


Search engine optimization is the trend in fashion translation

1 February 2012 – If you require fashion translations look no further than ad editum. Particularly when it comes to clothing and accessory descriptions for online publication, our specialist web translators are excellent. When online shops are translated, specialists for website translation and SEO translation optimize the keywords for all languages so that the products can be optimally listed by search engines. Take for example the German terms Kindermode and Kinderbekleidung. Which of these two words is the best choice from a SEO perspective? According to Google search statistics you can take your pick – each term is used just as frequently as the other. However, how does it work for the same phrase in English? Should you go for children's wear or children's fashion? The answer is neither! The more effective search term is kid's fashion as that is what most people search for.


Annual report translation

9 January 2012 – Once again, in time for the annual report season, ad editum is offering affordable packages combining fast, skillful financial translation and thorough proofreading. The agency for business translations has extended its pool of business translators and can provide annual report translation services from German to English, English to German, German to French, German to Spanish and German to Italian as well as many other language combinations. Your company's annual report is its business card so it is important that the competence and credibility of your company is emphasized by the accurate use of language. Our experienced translators and proofreaders work meticulously to ensure that not only the report itself is correct but also the story behind it.


ad editum is accepted into the Marketing Club Berlin.

1 October 2011 – ad editum will be a member of the Marketing Club Berlin. ad editum is an agency specializing in effective translation, editing and language design, located in the center of the cultural capital, Berlin. The German translation service combines intercultural competence and excellence in promotional translations. With membership to this network of leaders from the worlds of business, science, management and academia, we hope to offer our expertise in the field of language services and know-how in marketing, sales, public relations and corporate communications to other members and to enable a fruitful interaction with heads of marketing in the capital.


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