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Technical translation and terminology

Technical translations with precise technical language and sophisticated terminology management

Every translation is undertaken with care and precision, supported by sophisticated terminology management. This results in accurate translations which accurately convey the specialized language or jargon. However, they still have advertising appeal, and they do not read like a terminology manuscript or mumbo jumbo. The in-house proofreading team make sure of this. We are a translating and proofreading agency with business expertise: your sales brochures for capital investments, key investor documents (KID) or business reports will be translated by our experts for the translation of financial documents, as well as economic and financial terminology. Regardless of whether you wish to communicate in business English, business French, business Spanish or business Chinese, you will reach your target audience all over the world with our financial translations. We place great emphasis on precision and accuracy. English translations of annual reports are only done by English translators who specialize in business English and financial terminology. Legal translations for the attorney general are done by specialists in legal, contract, and patent translation. Are you an architect or designer and want to have your brochure translated? Then a translator with a knowledge of architecture, design, and advertising language will do the job. We'd only entrust an instruction manual for a digital camera to a translator with a passion for photography who knows the technical terms. A website or IT translation will only be given to those who are experts in web translation and software translation or by a highly specialized IT translator. Last but not certainly not least, we are the experts in PR translation. Any press releases or PR texts for political communication and campaign advertising will be translated by someone with experience in journalism, politics, and communication.