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Commercial translation for every industry

Our clients in marketing, corporate publishing and other areas, send us texts for technical translation from a variety of industries – from translations for the car industry to economic translation, fashion translation, translations in lifestyle and interior design, medical translation to software translation and homepage translation. We make sure that your texts are worked on by specialist translators who are familiar with your industry terminology, and have the relevant technical language down pat. Among our carefully selected translators there are experts for commercial translation in every industry.


Most of our native translators either live in the target language country or maintain regular contact with their country of origin. For tourism translations, it's essential to know the market conditions in the target country and, as this particular industry is apt to change, a good tourism translator must be up to date with current affairs. With translations for the tourism industry from ad editum, you'll know right away that the translator is at home in this field.


Selection of our specialist translators' target industries

Advertising Construction Fashion Media Retail
Appliances Consulting Insurance Medicine Software
Automobile Culture Investment Online shops Technology
Banking Electronic IT Pharmaceutical Tourism
Chemical Engineering Lifestyle Property Transport