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Website translation

SEO translation is the most effective type of translation for the Internet

When we translate websites, we translate the terminology to correspond with what your customers search on the Internet, because our translators are experts in SEO, SEM and Internet language. Our Internet translators take into account which search terms are the most common. This is SEO translation. If we translate your website, online shop or other internet material, we will optimise all of the keywords in all languages for Internet translation and e-commerce translation. With a focused SEO translation, our website translators will optimise your online text with the best keywords for your multi-lingual internet presence, or for your e-commerce. When we translate a homepage we use a well-thought-out selection of keywords so that potential clients can find you easier. For an online shop translation, it is vital that web translators select the most suitable spellings and word types from a range of possible alternatives that will lead to the best results in the search engines. Internet language has its own intrinsic features and codes that a website translator must be familiar with. Website text is often shorter than printed text. Messages must be able to be expressed using fewer words. Unlike printed publications, the tone is not so formal on the web. Internet layouts are often problematic due to space limitations. As some languages will have a different length to the source language, the translators must be brief so that the translations fit into the layouts.