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Language design

Corrections, styling, and the right wording for your corporate communications

Language design is just as important as the graphic design for effective communications and publishing. More often than not, the main question is whether the right word choices have been made for the target public. We can support you with the wording of your text and help you find the best ways to say it. You can count on us if you need a text written, optimized or corrected. Specialists in the linguistic impact of image advertising and sales documents, our experts in language design, copywriting and text optimization examine both stylistic and emotional aspects of a text. With substantive editing we make sure that linguistic tone and choice of words are tailored to the relevant language, the communications strategy, and the target group of your company. Our language designers, editors and style experts draw on their impressive gift for formulation and effective text tuning to enhance texts for your image brochure or website. We can communicate your complex concepts in plain language.


Connotation check of brand names and product names

If you're looking for attractive and effective brand names, product names, word marks or domain names, then get in touch with our language designers and copywriters for a consultation. We can even call upon experts in trademark law if you require. With a connotation analysis, we can tell you what associations a planned company name or product name might have in various language regions and target markets.